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Associate Testimonials


Andy IT Delivery Manager

Publix is an excellent place to work, and has plenty of opportunities for people who are willing to go the extra mile. In my first year and a half here, I completed diverse technical training and became a project developer. I was even asked to lead one of the projects. That kind of growth opportunity wouldn't be possible at many companies, and I am very grateful for it.

Before I came to Publix, I was running my own web design and development business. I was happy doing that, but I wanted to be involved in bigger projects. I felt the kind of rapid growth that I was looking for, both personally and professionally, would most likely be found at a large company. I know many people who work for Publix and speak very highly of it, including my brother, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

Publix provides employees with both technical and leadership training, and the projects we work on are both interesting and challenging. I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of very sharp and dedicated associates here, including some with more experience who have mentored me along the way. All of these things and the quality of the work we produce makes being part of the team very rewarding.

It's also great working for a company that cares about its associates (after all, we own the company!) and has such a solid reputation for serving its customers and the community. I look forward to many more challenging opportunities here!


Austin SQA Test Analyst

I started working for Publix in December of 2010, and, so far, it has been a fantastic journey. After high school, I was not entirely sure what path I was going to take before Publix came into the picture. My father had been working for Publix for about a year when he told me about the position I currently hold and how it would be a great place to start a career.

I believe that this is one of the best companies to work for because Publix has never had to lay any associates off, even with the struggling economy. One thing that has always separated Publix from our competitors is our outstanding customer service, and I feel very proud to be a part of that. I feel good knowing that by helping to correct technical issues in the stores that I directly help improve the level of service they provide to our customers.

Because of the opportunities for jobs and promotions that Publix has, it gives those who show initiative and work hard a chance to move up in the company. I have heard of many success stories from associates who started off as a part time bagger or cashier and worked their way up to becoming a manager or team leader.

Although I have only been with the company for a short time, I already feel that my choice to work here was the smartest decision I have ever made. With the positive atmosphere, fantastic benefits, and all of the great friends that I have made, I could not have asked for a better place to work. For anyone looking to join a great company, I would definitely recommend Publix.


Barbie Corporate Receptionist

Publix is an extraordinary company to work for. I've been here 36 years, my husband has been with Publix for 38 years, and my children have worked here as well. We love it because the people are warm and friendly, like our extended family; and because we own a part of the company. Mr. George, our founder, cared enough about associates to make all of us part owners.

Publix also invests in its people by providing training and plenty of opportunities to do new things. Our future is secure because we work for Publix. We are truly blessed.


James Programmer Analyst

Publix is a family-oriented company that provides opportunities to many people. I remember as a teenager taking my first job as a bag boy at Publix. That was where I began to learn the value of a dollar and that a job well done comes from accepting responsibility. My managers and supervisors were there to guide me during those formative years. They used evaluations to encourage me and to help me improve my skills.

While away at college studying for a computer engineering degree, I considered different companies where I would like to work. Publix was definitely on my short list. Once I was about to complete my degree, I submitted my application. Through their college hire program, Publix provided me with an opportunity to apply my newly acquired skills in the Information Systems department. I was assigned to a team of caring and encouraging co-workers, and they warmly welcomed me into the group.

Publix has invested in my life through many different avenues. Since this company is employee-owned, I have been able to purchase stock as a way to reinvest in Publix. Through the provision of ongoing technical training, Publix has enabled me to expand my knowledge base and use it to strive to help the company function more efficiently within the areas that I work.

I am honored to be a part of the Publix team and look forward to many years of service. With its family atmosphere, Publix provides an enjoyable place to work. There will be opportunities to advance within the company, because that's what Publix does. It invests in people.


Javier Sr. Information Security & Compliance Analyst

Approximately four years ago, I relocated from Puerto Rico to the Tampa Bay area. One of my goals was to get established and find a job at a stable and growing company. I was also looking for a company that encourages its associates' professional development and contribution to success. I believe I reached this goal when I joined the Publix team.

Currently, I work as an information protection specialist in the Information Systems department. As a relatively new associate, I can say that Publix makes sure new team members receive the training and knowledge necessary to be properly introduced to the company.

Technology plays an important role at Publix. I enjoy working in an environment that sees technology as a business enabler and competitive advantage. In the short time I have been with the company, I have had the opportunity to work in projects involving new technology which significantly helps Publix distinguish itself from its competitors.

Before I joined Publix, I was just a customer who preferred Publix over any other grocery retailer. Now, I take pride in being part of the Publix team making sure our systems are secure.


Jennifer Director of I/T Application Delivery

I first started working as a cashier for Publix during college. After graduation I transferred to Information Systems as a Help Desk operator assisting store personnel with system-related problems. I eventually moved into programming and then into systems analysis.

Through the years Publix has invested in me with technical and professional training to ensure I have everything I need to be successful in my career. The challenges and the rewards of this environment have made it possible for me to advance from programming to systems analysis and on to IT management. I never imagined I would enjoy my career so much. I have experienced so many exciting opportunities with my work, and I am always very proud to say I work for Publix.

After 15 years in Information Systems, I still love working for Publix. I am grateful for the opportunities I have every day for professional and personal growth. In addition, I work with incredible people that genuinely care about this company, our mission, and our customers.

My husband also works for Publix and has been with the company for 30 years. We are definitely a "Publix" family and appreciate all Publix has done for us.


Maria Systems Analyst

Arriving from Panama in 1988, I was eager to embark upon the American Dream. I had a driving ambition to join a great company and build a life-long career. Seeking out Publix was natural since I'd always been a satisfied customer, and I decided to apply during a recruiting effort at Florida State University. One week after graduating in 1990, I began working as a programmer trainee. It’s been nearly 19 years since, and an absolute joy.

I've held positions such as programmer analyst, senior programmer analyst, systems analyst/programmer, systems analyst, project leader and, in recent years, a Single Point Owner (SPO) for key initiatives. I've truly enjoyed contributing to the successful implementation of mission-critical applications at Publix.

The best part is the chance to be with the most amazing associates in the world—they always strive for that extra effort. I experience this daily from every part of the company. Associates at my neighborhood Publix know me by name and make my shopping experience a pleasure every time. Recently I approached the seafood department to order a platter, but I was late in ordering—it wouldn't have been received by Christmas Eve. That didn't get in their way. They let me know I’d have my platter even if they needed to drive to other stores.

If you enjoy working with leading-edge technologies, learning a variety of complex applications in a multi-platform environment, and have a big desire to make a difference, Publix is for you, too.


Savannah Programmer Analyst

Publix was my very first "official" job. I started as a bakery clerk in 2008 and worked in the bakery for a few years. As a college student, Publix was incredibly supportive of me, taking into consideration that I had classes to attend, and was accommodating of my schedule.

After I graduated with my bachelors degree, Publix continued to care about and work with me. In fact, it was my manager who informed me about the career opportunities available in IT at Publix and encouraged me to apply. I'm so happy I did—I love my job!

Not only is programming what I love to do, but I consider the friendly and caring atmosphere, health insurance, stock ownership, retirement plan, and—most importantly—job security offered by Publix to be priceless benefits.

It's wonderful that Publix offers so many job and career paths for its associates. Publix is genuinely like a family. Just from my experience and all of the support I've been given on my personal path, it's very evident that Publix sincerely values its associates and wants them to succeed.


Todd Sr. Systems Analyst

I began working at Publix in February 2001, mainly to start paying down my student loan debt. I quickly discovered that I didn't want Publix to just be a stepping-stone in my career, but I wanted it to be where I made my career. I really value the family-like atmosphere, the strong financial foundation, the unbelievable variety of positions and opportunities for growth, and the obvious commitment to excellence in everything Publix does. The stellar performance of Publix stock doesn't hurt any either!

Another thing I love about Publix is the promote-from-within philosophy. I started as a clerk on the EFT Accounting team and worked my way up to my current position in the Information Systems department. I really appreciate Publix's desire to truly invest in the success and growth of its associates. Publix really is a company that succeeds because it focuses on helping each of its associates succeed.

Publix associates are among the most generous people I have ever seen. I can still remember the magical feeling I had when I entered the dining hall in our building to view all of the toys and bikes our department had collected and was donating to the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program. I don't think I had ever seen that many bikes—and literally mountains of toys and clothes—all in one place before. It was amazing! Being responsible citizens in our communities is more than just a nice component of the mission statement; it's a reality that occurs over and over again.

Whenever anyone asks me where I work, I'm always very proud to say, "Publix!"