Associate Testimonials


Brigot Jacksonville Frozen Foods Supervisor

I am very proud to say that I have worked at Publix's Jacksonville distribution center for 13 years. When I began my career in 1998, I viewed my warehouse sanitation position as just another job. But as I started to learn more about Publix and all of its opportunities, I put a plan in place to build my career. I made a conscious effort to work in various positions and departments to enhance my skills and gain experience, with my end goal being a position in management.

I took advantage of Jacksonville's career counselor program. Over the course of the program, knowledgeable and thoughtful managers mentored, educated, and showed me that Publix was really about treating each other like family. My counselor also told me during a session to put yourself in a place to be successful. After 13 years I am convinced that Publix is my place. I truly believe that we play a vital role in executing Publix's strategy by committing ourselves to our mission. The family atmosphere and the commitment to our associates are some of the many reasons why I love Publix!


Corey Warehouse Superintendent

What I love most about Publix is that everyone is like one big family. You are surrounded by people who care about you and that listen to your needs. The Publix family always rallies together in a time of need, whether it's for a fellow associate or someone in the community.

During the hurricane season in 2004, we helped each other and our neighbors and customers through some of the most tragic times ever experienced by some of us—whether it was working long hours to see that our stores had the necessary supplies or just volunteering to clean up and repair damage. Publix also set up a relief fund to help hurricane victims, and associates donated food, clothing, and shelter to those in need. For these reasons, I think Publix is a great place to work.


Kathi Deerfield Dispatch Manager

Publix has been part of my life for many years. Knowing what a great company it was, I chose to start out at a Publix store working in the meat department. After having the chance to work in several different stores, I soon realized that this was the beginning of a long career. Several years later I was offered the chance to work at the Miami Distribution Center. This experience gave me the chance to meet many more Publix associates who were dedicated to providing the stores the product they needed to stock the shelves and satisfy all of their customers.

I am now a manager in the Deerfield Beach dispatch office and work with the warehouse and the stores to ensure the trucks arrive on time. Working for Publix has been a great opportunity to build many relationships and make friends who will remain part of my life forever.

The founder of Publix always believed that if the company took care of the associates, in turn the associates would take care of the customers. This has been a belief that I have not only realized myself, but have seen its effects on scores of other veteran associates.

I love working with the associates that I come in contact with and look forward to carrying on this dedication and commitment at Publix for years to come.


Laura Compliance & Regulatory Assistant Manager

I feel lucky to be a Publix associate. I started at the Boynton Beach distribution center in November 1989. I remember working with the associates in the office who already had 10 years of service and thought there was no way I was ever going to be employed in one job for that long. Of course, that was almost 23 years ago.

In 1995, I transferred to the Orlando distribution center which brought new opportunities for me because we had just opened a new high-velocity and boxed meat/dairy department. Since I had spent most of my career with Publix as an inventory control coordinator, being able to experience the different warehouses and learn new departments and processes only strengthened my skill set.

Even more great news came in 2005 when Publix decided to add the pharmaceutical distribution warehouse to better serve our stores. It was opened at the Orlando distribution center, allowing me more opportunity to learn and grow.

In 2011, I decided to apply with the state to become a certified designated representative. I passed the test and was accepted by the state, which was a very meaningful personal accomplishment. This also led me to my most recent career move as the compliance and regulatory manager for the Orlando pharmacy distribution center. Mr. George once said, "Publix is like a smorgasbord, with opportunity spread out for you. Prepare yourself; the opportunities are up for grabs." This has been so true in my career and is why I love working at Publix.


Ramon Fleet Maintenance Supervisor

I started by career at Publix in 2003 as a part-time cashier. My family and I had just moved from Venezuela, South America, to Miramar, Florida.

I came to Publix just looking for a part-time job. The culture, the benefits, and the potential for professional growth and advancement are just amazing. But above all, it is the dedication of our associates which makes Publix a great place to work. I truly believe that this is the best company to make a professional career.

Our company has a lot to offer if you are passionate about your work. I am very proud to say that I work for Publix.