Retail Recruiters

Our Retail Staffing Specialists are researchers, strategy builders, company ambassadors and data analysts. They help our more than 1,000 stores attract applicants who have a passion for people, high standards of excellence, and availability to work retail hours.


Christina Seasonal Staffing Specialist, Company-wide

Duties: Lead the company's seasonal staffing program for stores that have significant fluctuations in sales and customer visits.

Started at Publix: 2010

Past lives: events coordinator, project manager, account director, employment branding specialist

Favorites: The show Chopped, trampolines, sweets

Hobbies: Traveling the globe, dancing and performing, home renovations

Best part of working for Publix: The people, the reputation, the community outreach initiatives; and working in an environment that encourages hard-work and passion.

Best part of my role here: Working collaboratively with a variety of Publix teams and retail leaders, and having a near-endless opportunity to learn about Publix business operations.

Tip for job candidates: Ask family and friends to review your resume and cover letter. Practice answering interview questions with them using the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result), using concrete examples of your past experiences and results.

Debbie Jacksonville divison

Debbie Retail Staffing Specialist, Jacksonville Division

Duties: Support the 252 stores in the Jacksonville Division.

Started at Publix: 2001

Past lives: retail manager

Favorites: The Keys, family, Pinterest, coffee

Hobbies: Cooking, bicycling, kayaking, and traveling

Best part of working for Publix: The culture and family.

Best part of my role here: Being able to share my passion for this company.

Tip for job candidates: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Work hard, believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place.

Jackie Charlotte division

Jackie Retail Staffing Specialist, Charlotte Division

Duties: Assist in recruiting the right people to help perpetuate the Publix culture in our new Charlotte Division.

Started at Publix: 2003

Past lives: retail management, teaching assistant

Favorites: American history books, the beach, chocolate, chai lattes, To Kill a Mockingbird, peonies, "Dr. Who"

Hobbies: Cooking, eating, shopping, traveling, reading, gardening

Best part of working for Publix: The associates at Publix are world class. I feel honored to work alongside dedicated, creative, and highly motivated people every day.

Best part of my role here: Introducing people in new areas to our Publix family; getting to know the needs of the stores I serve and helping them find the "right fit."

Tip for job candidates: If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life—it's true! Dedicate time to researching employment you can be passionate about. Ensure the job description, requirements, and the company itself is a right fit for you and your abilities. Finally, be prepared to express to your prospective employer why you chose them.

LaTarsha Melvin Lakeland division

LaTarsha Retail Staffing Specialist, Lakeland Division

Duties: Support the more than 275 stores in the Lakeland Division

Started at Publix: 1993

Past lives: human resources investigator, retail associate relations specialist, retail management, and personnel records supervisor

Favorites: The reality shows Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, and Bad Girls Club

Hobbies: Spending time with my daughter and grandson, couponing, and spending money I saved from couponing

Best part of working for Publix: Knowing that I work for a company with leaders who make wise enough decisions to keep Publix stable and growing strong

Best part of my role here: Knowing I had a small part in helping people reach their goals

Tip for job candidates: Remain persistent—don't give up!

Nick Collins Atlanta division

Nick Retail Staffing Specialist, Atlanta Division

Duties: Supports the more than 270 stores in the Atlanta Division

Years with Publix: 6

Past lives: retail manager, counselor supervisor, inventory manager

Favorites: The television shows Lost, 24, and Survivor

Hobbies: Movie posters, music and yes, cooking

Best part of working for Publix: Knowing I have played some role in helping our customers experience the best customer service possible.

Best part of my role here: The opportunity to interact with many links in the chain that is our company. Whether by giving an associate more information about tuition reimbursement, or working on something that affects many stores, I can have a strong impact on what I see as a shopper when I visit our stores!

Tip for job candidates: It is very important that you interview us. There is a much greater likelihood that we can match you with the right position if you spend some time asking us questions!

Sue Ward Miami division

Sue Retail Staffing Specialist, Miami Division

Duties: Support the more than 240 stores in the Miami Division

Years with Publix: 20

Past lives: retail administrative coordinator/stock clerk/back door receiver, commercial property insurance underwriter

Favorites: NCIS, Parenthood, Ken Burns' documentaries, and listening to music—particularly jazz and blues

Hobbies: Photography, reading, sudoku, walking on the beach (especially at sunrise or sunset)

Best part of working for Publix: Being part of a family. Knowing I work for a company that offers excellent benefits, is financially stable, and provides many career paths for associates to choose from. I like coming to work.

Best part of my role here: The people! Working with applicants, external partners, store management, and corporate leaders provides me with a full and varied working environment. Mine is a position that challenges me every day.

Tip for job candidates: How you look and act throughout the store, when applying or interviewing, is observed and shared with the hiring manager. During interviews, be focused and pay attention, shut off the phone and concentrate on the interview. Be honest.