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Publix associate

High Standards

If you find it satisfying—even fun—helping others, come see how well you fit in at Publix.

Every job at Publix demands dedication to serving our customers. It's vital that each Publix store lives up to our commitment to offer the freshest products, best customer service, and most pleasing shopping experience. So we look for outstanding people we can train in the details that lead to our level of excellence.

If you're hired, not only would you be a valued member of our team; you’d also be a company owner, through our profit-sharing plan.

Overview of Job Duties

The charts below list the typical duties and the minimum age requirement for non-management skilled and entry-level positions in our stores. When you find a position that interests you, don't hesitate to apply in person at the Job Application Center (JAC) at your favorite Publix. For information on our employment process, go to How to Apply.

Skilled Opportunities

Please apply if you have prior experience in one of the jobs listed below.

Interest Typical Duties Age Requirement
Baker Serve customers; prepare baked goods in large ovens; operate and clean mixers, scales, and other equipment; train associates; read recipes; clean work area at least 18
Cake Decorator Fill customer orders; ice, decorate, package, label, and price products for refrigerated displays; operate and clean mixer; train other associates; clean work area at least 18
Meat Cutter Serve customers; cut/prepare wide variety of meats; clean equipment and work area; train associates; unload trucks at least 18

Entry-Level Opportunities

Please note: The US Department of Labor provides work regulations for teens.

Interest Typical Duties Age Requirement
Baker Apprentice Serve customers; set up baked goods; learn to operate mixers, ovens, scales, etc.; clean work area at least 18
Bakery Clerk Serve customers; ice pastries; display products; maintain supplies; clean work area at least 16
Cake Decorator Apprentice Serve customers; learn to decorate, package, price, and display products; operate and clean mixer; clean work area at least 18
Cashier Greet and assist customers; weigh, scan, and package groceries; handle cash and operate terminal; clean work area at least 14
Cleaning & Sanitation Clean and maintain equipment and work area; unload trucks; lift and move products at least 18
Deli Clerk Serve customers; prepare orders; operate oven, fryer, scale and cutting tools; clean work area at least 18
Demonstrator (Meals Clerk) Engage customers; prepare and serve sample products to promote sales; use and clean cooking tools
at least 18
Floral Clerk Serve customers; order, price, and care for plants and flowers; design arrangements; maintain displays; clean work area at least 14
Front Service Clerk Serve customers; bag groceries and take to cars; retrieve carts from parking lot; some cleaning at least 14
Grocery Clerk Assist customers; order product; unload trucks; stock shelves; organize backroom; sweep and mop at least 16
Meat Clerk/Seafood Clerk Serve customers; order, rotate, and price product; clean display cases and work area; unload trucks at least 18
Meat Cutter Apprentice Serve customers; learn to cut meat; operate and maintain equipment and coolers; unload trucks; clean work area at least 18
Produce Clerk
Assist customers; unload trucks; process, price, and display products; hang shelf tags; clean work area at least 16

For information about our partnerships with culinary schools, go to the Culinary Internships page.