Critical Openings

Future Publix Associate Name Tag

We Need You Now

There is a wide range of opportunities at our more than 1,000 stores. But we've devoted this page to telling you about those that are top priority.

Check out the list below to see if any of these positions match your skills, experience and desired location.

To find out if your Publix store has openings, ask a manager the next time you shop there.

Grocery Clerks / Lakeland
Grocery Clerks / Murfreesboro
Cake Decorators / Jacksonville
Bakery Clerks / Watkinsville
Produce Clerks / Watkinsville
Grocery Clerks / Birmingham
Deli Clerks / Watkinsville
Grocery Clerks / Watkinsville
Produce Clerks / Birmingham
Meat Clerks / Birmingham
Deli Clerks / Birmingham
Meat Cutters / Brandon
Meat Cutters / Antioch
Bakers / Tampa
Bakers / Brunswick
Cake Decorators / Brunswick
Deli Clerks / Greensboro
Grocery Clerks / Greensboro
Deli Clerks / Alpharetta
Meat Clerks / Alpharetta
Produce Clerks / Alpharetta
Grocery Clerks / Alpharetta
Bakers / Palm Beach
Bakers / Murfreesboro
Cake Decorators / Murfreesboro
Cake Decorators / Brentwood
Cake Decorators / Orlando
Meat Cutters / Orlando
Deli Clerks / Tallahassee
Cake Decorators / Hilton Head
Deli Clerks / Apopka
Bakers / Apopka
Bakers / Lake Mary
Cake Decorators / Dothan
Cake Decorators / Rockledge
Bakery Clerk / Cumming
Cake Decorators / Poinciana
Cashiers / Georgia, Suwanee
Produce Clerks / Georgia, Suwanee
Deli Clerks / Georgia, Suwanee
Bakery Clerks / Suwanee
Grocery Clerks / Florida, Sarasota
Pharmacy Technician / Nashville, Tennessee
Meat Cutters / Dunwoody, Georgia
Assistant Meat Manager / Fort Walton, Pensacola
Deli Clerks / Gainesville, Georgia
Cake Decorators / Duluth, Lawrenceville
Bakers / Gainesville
Cake Decorators / Georgia, Suwanee
Meat Cutters / Georgia, Suwanee
Pharmacy Technician / Florida, Key West
Grocery Clerks / Florida, Winter Haven
Cake Decorators / Georgia, Morrow
Deli Clerks / Florida, Lakeland
Bakers / Georgia, Woodstock
Grocery Clerks / Canton, Georgia
Deli Clerks / Canton, Georgia
Grocery Clerks / Cumming, Georgia
Seafood Clerks / Cumming, Georgia
Deli Clerks / Cumming, Georgia
Produce Clerks / Canton, Georgia
Seafood Clerks / Canton, Georgia
Meat Cutters / Canton, Georgia
Pharmacy Technician / Florida, Key Largo
Cake Decorators / Alabama, Fairhope
Deli Clerks / Florida, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Martin County, Palm City, Stuart
Deli Clerks / Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Deli Clerks / Greenville, South Carolina
Deli Clerks / Daniel Island, South Carolina
Deli Clerks / Charleston, South Carolina
Cake Decorators / Georgia, Kingsland
Deli Clerks / Bluffton, South Carolina
Grocery Clerks / Bluffton, South Carolina
Cashiers / Bluffton, South Carolina
Grocery Clerks / Florida, Holmes Beach
Deli Clerks / Florida, Holmes Beach
Cashiers and Front Service Clerks / Knoxville, Tennessee
Cake Decorators / Florida, Sunrise
Deli Clerks / Duncan, South Carolina
Meat Cutters / Greenville, South Carolina
Grocery Clerks / Anderson, South Carolina
Cake Decorators / Anderson, South Carolina
Cake Decorators / Greenville, South Carolina
Apron’s Simple Meals Clerk / Panama City Beach
Grocery Clerks / Florida, Panama City
Deli Clerks / Florida, Panama City
Cake Decorators / Florida, Tampa
Bakers / Hilton Head
Deli Clerks / Anderson, South Carolina
Bakers / Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Martin County, Palm City, Stuart
Meat Cutters / Florida, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Martin County, Palm City, Stuart
Cake Decorators / Florida, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Martin County, Palm City, Stuart
Deli Clerks / Columbia, South Carolina
Grocery Clerks / Georgia, Johns Creek
Grocery Clerks / Florida, St. Petersburg
Grocery Clerks / Alabama, Spanish Fort
Deli Clerks / Florida, St. Petersburg
Deli Clerks / Florida, Tampa
Deli Clerks / Florida, Temple Terrace