Cake Decorator

Publix Associate

Attention to detail is particularly important for Cake Decorators because Publix has high standards of product safety, food safety, and associate safety. Our Decorators are devoted to providing the best customer service and the highest product quality possible. Without our Cake Decorators, our stores wouldn't be the caliber of supermarket our customers have come to expect. This means decorating bakery products for sale according to company policy and customer preferences.

How to Apply


A Cake Decorator's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing premier customer service, including greeting them and responding to questions
  • Icing, decorating, packaging, labeling, and pricing products for island refrigerated cases
  • Icing, decorating, tray, and maintaining freezer and refrigerated showcase
  • Filling customer special orders, including wedding cakes
  • Dynamically selling products by providing customers with information needed to make product-relation decisions
  • Operating the Bakery department mixer
  • Following Publix's guidelines for Cake Decorators
  • Maintaining Publix's high standards for product freshness and sanitation
  • Organizing and rotating stock in the Decorator's freezer
  • Training other associates as needed
  • Assisting with the delivery and set up of wedding cakes as needed
  • Assisting in other duties as assigned


Required: The required qualifications are as follows:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • experience as a Publix Decorator Apprentice or equivalent experience outside Publix
  • knowledge of decorating
  • able to deliver friendly, courteous, prompt customer service
  • able to read, write and perform simple math problems
  • able to interpret, understand and follow instructions and solve problems

Preferred: The preferred qualifications are as follows:

  • able to work well with others as a team member
  • previous experience at Publix
  • a passion for serving people

Work Conditions

A Cake Decorator's duties are performed primarily in the Bakery department. A Decorator may be exposed to various temperature changes and work environments. Work includes walking, standing, bending, lifting and carrying products weighing up to 60 pounds. Duties also include repetitive arm and hand movements and hand-squeezing for at least 85 percent of the work day.

For more information about this position, send an email to one of our recruiters.

How to apply

By Email: Please email us at and provide an overview on your previous experience, skills, availability, and locations you're interested in. If there are openings available, a Retail Staffing Specialist will contact you and direct you to go to a Job Application Center, located in each of our stores. You should let the Retail Staffing Specialist know once you've applied so he or she can notify the Store Manager that your information is available. You'll be called for an interview if you appear to be qualified for the position.

In Person: If you're visiting a store where you'd like to work, please ask the Bakery Manager if there are openings available. If so, you'll need to apply at the Job Application Center in the store, an automated kiosk that the Bakery Manager can direct you to. (If the Bakery Manager isn't available, ask for the Store Manager of Assistant Store Manager.) If there are no openings in that store and you'd be interested in working at another store, you still should apply at the Job Application Center in the store where you first go. Managers at other stores will see your application and call you if they have openings, if you're qualified, and if your hours of availability match their needs. You might also ask the Bakery Manager at that store if he or she knows of openings at nearby stores.