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Patient Care Services

Publix pharmacist and customer

Making Life Easier

You can help your customers in a caring way that impacts their daily lives.

We operate more than 975 pharmacies in seven states, making it convenient for customers to find us just about anywhere they go in the Southeast. And if a customer has an active prescription at one Publix Pharmacy, he or she can have us access it anywhere in our network to get a refill.

Break away from the daily grind.

Publix provides you with many opportunities to broaden your horizons beyond dispensing medications. We encourage you to get involved in a variety of clinical programs like the following:

Immunization Delivery

Publix pharmacists administer multiple vaccines, including influenza, pneumococcal, shingles, Tdap, and other vaccinations to patients where permitted by law. Immunization certification is provided as a benefit to all Publix pharmacists.

Biometric Screenings

Publix pharmacists provide biometric screenings, including lipid and glucose testing, blood pressure and weight/BMI assessments, to patients using point-of-care testing devices. Training and/or certification is provided as a benefit to all Publix pharmacists.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Publix pharmacists provide comprehensive medication reviews and extensive counseling for patients while receiving reimbursement for cognitive services.

Community Outreach Programs

Publix pharmacists are provided opportunities to participate in health/wellness fairs, screening programs, and educational classes on diabetes nutrition and metabolic syndrome.

Precepting Opportunities with Various Schools of Pharmacy

Publix pharmacists are able to serve as preceptors during introductory and/or advanced practice experiences for students enrolled at various colleges of pharmacy.