Associate Testimonials


Ann Pharmacy Technician

The career I have built at Publix for the past 20 years has been amazing. A young, single mother of two small children, I found myself looking for a job with a reputable company. Publix makes its associates a priority, which allowed me to work my scheduled around my children's schooling and activities. As a cashier I was able to work in a pleasant environment where I could serve our customers.

Eventually I moved to an office position, first at the Customer Service counter and later in the back office. Being in a position to help both our customers and other associates was an extremely positive experience for me.

With the support of management, I transferred into the pharmacy and became a certified pharmacy technician. Now I am a meaningful part of our customers' everyday lives. Getting to know them on such a personal level makes my job that much more satisfying.

I have made some truly wonderful friends and acquaintances in my time at Publix. Some have become like family to me. They have supported me in times of personal grief and have congratulated me in times of triumph. In short, working for Publix has been an extremely wonderful experience.


Don Pharmacy Supervisor

Before I ever worked for Publix I knew the company had a great reputation, even thought I might not have known exactly why. The more I learned about the company, the more I wanted to be a part of it. When I graduated pharmacy school in 2001, I set my sights directly on Publix and accepted a position as a floating pharmacist.

The more time I spent with Publix, the more I cam to understand and appreciate all that the company has to offer. This is a company that truly understands that its greatest asset is its culture. Publix culture is not manifested as some repeated phrase or cherished stone tablet. The culture is embodied in the associates.

You will notice very quickly that we are not "employees." Being a private company, we are associates and owners, whether in the stores, manufacturing, or support staff. There is a definite sense of ownership present at all levels of the company. This results in an environment where associates are empowered and encouraged to make a difference.

Despite a very competitive marketplace, Publix continues to expand and succeed, never losing focus of our mission. Continued expansion and innovation provides limitless opportunities for professional growth and advancement. I always enjoy looking back on my career with Publix, but that is not nearly as exciting as looking forward at my future with Publix.


Terry Pharmacy Manager

At the age of five, going door to door selling Rose Bud and Cloverine Salve to neighbors and friends, little did I know that the groundwork was being laid for my career as a pharmacist. Listening to their concerns about aches and pains, giving a smile or hug and saying, "Let me know if you need anything more," taught me patience and understanding of others.

Fulfilling my parents' dream of one of five sons to obtain a college degree, I achieved that goal in 19679 from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Years of working in my own pharmacy then taught me customer service and the satisfaction of going that extra mile—whether it be lending a listening ear, sharing a simple smile, going in a few minutes early or staying late, delivering prescriptions to invalid patients who cannot drive, and yes, even returning to the pharmacy after closing to give that much-needed prescription.

Publix has allowed me to continue those early-learned values of concern and caring for people. In working for Publix, I Have found that doing whatever it takes to help someone, be it customer o employee is the PUBLIX WAY. Thank you to may parents and Publix for allowing me to serve others.